Mythbusting High Rise with Nanne de Rue | Oslo Urban Week

Mythbusting High Rise

The high rise discussion is dominated by undisputed myths. But are these all valid? How can high rise buildings be a positive contribution to urban structures, neighbourhoods and other social aspects?

Når: 8. september 2021, kl. 08:00 - 09:00

Hvor: Vaaghals (Dronning Eufemias gate 8)

Type: Fysisk + streaming
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Nanne de Rue as keynote speaker at Oslo Urban Week

The discourse on high-rise buildings is dominated by myths. In this session we will confront and bust some of them by looking at how high-rises contribute to our cities, our neighborhoods and our communities.

One of the topics that will be discussed is a high-rise as a habitat. What is it like to live in a high-rise building, what kind of people choose to do that, and why? At the same time, how can high-rise buildings contribute to more liveable public spaces while taking into account the wind, shade and microclimate aspects. 

High-rise buildings have been a part of urban landscape for decades now. How have they changed and how will they continue to change our cities? Simultaneously, high-rise buildings have also become both a part of our political landscape and an issue that is often taken up in a political discourse. So what determines a political party's take on high-rise buildings? 

We will also discuss the sustainability aspects of high-rise density, their carbon footprint and possibilities for circularity and reuse. And lastly, what are the high-rise buildings of tomorrow? And does Oslo have a blueprint for the future high-rise? 


Nanne de Ru, CEO, Powerhouse Company


Heidi Nordby Lunde, leder, Oslo Høyre.

Rasmus Reinvang, byrådssekretær for byutvikling, Oslo kommune.

Nanne de Ru, CEO, Powerhouse Company.


Marianne Skjulhaug, dekan, Institutt for arkitektur og design, NTNU.

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About Nanne de Ru
Nanne de Ru is a founding partner of Powerhouse Company and has headed up the Rotterdam office since its opening in 2005. Nanne holds a Master of Excellence in Architecture from The Berlage, where he graduated in 2002, as well as a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which he completed in 1998.

In addition to running a global architecture practice, Nanne also teaches and lectures on architecture and design. Between 2013 and 2016, Nanne de Ru was director of The Berlage Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design in Delft. He regularly teaches at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and is frequently invited as a visiting professor at schools including Aarhus University in Denmark, the AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design in Norway, and at TU Delft and the Design Academy Eindhoven, both in the Netherlands. His work takes him across the world, from Santiago to Shenzhen.

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