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LondonOn around the World: Cities in Dialogue

With a panel, and a live audience, in Oslo and London, this session is part of a series dialogues between cities around the world.

Når: 8. september 2021, kl. 11:30 - 12:30

Hvor: Vaaghals (Dronning Eufemias gate 8)

Type: Fysisk + streaming
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Restarting the City

Victoria Marie Evensen, deputy mayor for commerce in Oslo, and Patricia Brown, Director of Central in London, will join in on a 13-hour city dialogue extravaganza. With a panel, and a live audience, in Oslo and London, this session is a part of series of dialogues between cities around the world.

We want to gain insights from both London and Oslo on the challenges and opportunities presented by Covid, and most importantly, how we can ensure that our cities can come back stronger and better after the pandemic. We are particularly interested in understanding what policies and programmes are being planned and implemented going forward. How will we ensure that city centres maintain their vitality in a world of home working? How can we ensure that the transition to Green mobility continues? What’s the future of the office, home, high street and beyond? What impact does this have on investments in infrastructure?

Most importantly, this is a dialogue between cities, what can London learn from Oslo, and vice versa.

The panel will be introduced by Tomas Stokke of Haptic Architects, and the panel discussion will be moderated by Joe Morris of Morris & Company.

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About Londonon

Londonon is a rolling research and residency programme in cities around the globe, run by collaborating London based architecture practices. Consisting of Haptic Architects, Morris and Company, Turner Works, Coffey Architects, Gort Scott and Mae, working in dialogue with emerging practices from London and beyond.

About Victoria Marie Evensen

Victoria Marie Evensen was appointed deputy mayor for commerce in Oslo in 2019. She's a member of the Norwegian Labour party and has previously served as the leader of the city development committee.

About Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown is Director of Central, a niche consultancy largely centred on the dynamics of cities and the process of achieving change. She's the former CEO of Central London Partnership where she championed the need to improve urban quality as a tool for achieving London’s continued economic success, paving the way to some of the capital’s most significant urban changes.

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